Knight Rider - Disintegrate

Welcome to the Knight Rider Disintegrate Series.   The Disintegrate universe is canon to Knight Rider 2000, but I don't consider them KR2000 stories.  They are firmly about the original characters and are an attempt to fill in some of the details about what happened between the end of the original series and the movie. 

A note of caution.  All of the stories on this website are rated R (with adult content that some people might find disturbing) or NC-17.  There are specific warnings on each story, but pay attention.  I don't want to make anyone uncomfortable. If you prefer something less graphic, please check out my other stories (PG to R) at Knightshade's Garden

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Disintegrate Series

Disintegrate -- Rated R (again, pay attention to the warnings in the story header)

Michael watched as she continued down the hallway alone, praying for someone to give him the right words to say.

Meandering in Minefields -- Rated NC-17 

"It's never going to be you and Kitt against the world again.  He's moved on to a new life and so have you.  It's always going to be different."

The Fire is Hope -- Rated NC-17
(Chapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3Chapter 4)

Kitt felt confident scanning the land around the lake.  Michael could be hiding or injured and clinging fiercely to life, but to scan the lake itself felt like a betrayal. There was only one reason to force his scanners to peer into the depths of the murky water. 

What Remains -- Coming 2005

Michael took childish pleasure in walking through the atrium of the Foundation’s headquarters in jeans and an old t-shirt.  Everyone else around him was wearing suits and ties, or kakhi’s at the least. But Maddock had asked to see him.  He never dressed up under those circumstances.

Short Stories in the Disintegrate AU

Damaged -- Rated PG -- Post-Disintegrate

Why was it that trying not to think about something made it almost impossible to think of anything else, Bonnie wondered? 

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We'll fast forward to a few years later,
No one knows except for both of us.
I've more than honored your request for silence,
And you've washed your hands clean of this.

                    -- Hands Clean -- Alanis Morrisette